Enhancing Employment in a State in Nigeria

June 04, 2024

Despite numerous job openings, the unemployment rate remained high due to inefficient job matching processes.


A state in Nigeria, faces significant unemployment challenges with a large population of job seekers struggling to find employment. The local government aimed to reduce unemployment rates and improve the job matching process.


  • High Unemployment Rate: Despite numerous job openings, the unemployment rate remained high due to inefficient job matching processes.
  • Lack of Data for Policy Making: Policymakers lacked real-time data on employment trends and skills gaps, hindering effective intervention strategies.


The State Government partnered with Data2Employ to pilot the solution within the city. The application was rolled out to job seekers, employers, and policymakers with the following focus areas:

  • Job Seekers: The app provided personalised job recommendations, application tracking, and access to career resources.
  • Employers: Businesses were encouraged to post job openings and manage applications through the platform, reaching a broader pool of candidates.
  • Policymakers: The government used the app's analytics to gain insights into the labour market, identify skills gaps, and monitor employment trends in real-time.


  • Improved Job Matching: Within six months, the job placement rate increased by 30%, with job seekers reporting higher satisfaction due to personalized job recommendations.
  • Reduced Recruitment Costs: Employers noted a 25% reduction in recruitment costs and a faster hiring process.
  • Informed Policy Making: Policymakers were able to develop targeted employment programs based on real-time data, leading to more effective interventions and a measurable decrease in unemployment rates.


Data2Employ successfully addressed the unemployment challenges in the state by enhancing job matching efficiency, providing valuable insights for policymakers, and streamlining the recruitment process for employers. This case study demonstrates the solution's potential to drive socioeconomic progress across Nigeria.

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