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Making Your Business Data Work For You

June 16, 2021

Making Your Business Data Work For You

Data is at the heart of every business or organization these days. With each passing day, companies and organizations come in contact with their user’s data. However, it is sad that about 73% of that data is wasted. What’s worse, the remaining 27% of data that is eventually analyzed doesn’t always result in quality business insights.

Several companies still struggle with identifying the best data to make the right business decisions. In talking about business data, something that is very key and cannot be overlooked is getting the right tools to effectively help break down and analyze data to drive business growth for your company. Taking it a step further would be identifying the right metrics to track and the kind of value that would be derived from such data.

New digital technologies, such as Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be used to turn your company’s data into insightful decisions. This then begs the question, How can your business get value from your data?

1. Data Helps In Improving Processes

regardingData helps to better understand and improve business processes, which cuts down on wasted money and other excesses. Your data can go a long way in setting you in the right direction as regards the decisions to be made and which steps to take to guarantee a rewarding ROI.

2. Data Gives You A Better Understanding Of Your Users

Without relevant data, knowing your consumers can be a herculean task. Knowing what they want and knowing if your efforts at marketing a new product are getting to the right audience is what your data would do for you. Hence, rightly analyzed data would give your business an edge because it can help your company predict consumer behavior and improve decision-making. Data is very crucial to understanding your consumers as well as the market.

3. Data Helps You Solve Business Problems

A data-driven company is more likely to solve problems faster than a not data-driven company. This is because tracking a past failure is easier when looking through and reviewing data from business processes. It helps you understand what must have gone wrong while making you better understand the process better and know what steps to take moving forward.

4. Data Serves As A Catalyst For Innovation And Product Development

To improve product performance quality, businesses have to collate and rely on data. To compete and stand out from the crowd, companies need to develop a means to track their products, the market, their competitors, etc. This can only be done when existing data has been properly and effectively analyzed to develop products and innovations the market wants.


Gone are the days when businesses relied on their intuition or gut feeling when making decisions. These days, it’s safe to say that Data makes the world go round, and more importantly, adequately analyzed data will surely put your business in the right direction. At Data2bots, our dedicated Data Engineers are ready to lead you and hold you by the hand while you make informed decisions with your data.

Contact us via email, mail to:info@data2bots.com, or visit www.data2bots.com today. Making your data work for you is possible!

Making Your Business Data Work For You

Ezeja Jennifer

Making Your Business Data Work For You

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