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Everything About the Data2Bots Academy

June 1, 2023

Everything About the Data2Bots Academy
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  • Introduction
  • What is the Data2Bots Academy?
  • How Does the Data2Bots Academy Training Work?
  • What To Expect From Our Data Engineering Program
  • The Data2Bots Academy Benefits
  • Conclusion


Most of the time, in our pursuit of knowledge, we tend to get uncertain in our pursuit of knowledge. In your quest to learn a skill, finding the best course to take is necessary. However, It can become tiring quickly when deciding which path is the best to follow. You may wonder which course is best to help you achieve your learning goals.

You ask questions like “Is it easy to learn data engineering?” “Am I wasting my time?” and all sorts of unanswered questions fueling your anxiety. If you’re interested in pursuing a career path in Cloud DevOps, Data Analytics, or Data Engineering, this article is for you. This article will explain everything you need to know about the Data2Bots Academy. This includes what to expect, its perks, and how you can register.

What is the Data2Bots Academy?

Data2Bots is an IT consulting firm comprising the Data2Bots Academy, The Data2Bots Talent Pipeline, and The Extended Team. We are not just an “EdTech” company or platform. The Talent Pipeline is a paid program where we pay you to upskill yourself. We saw a need to upskill young Nigerians with valuable data skills.

Our Talents then get into the Extended Team, where they become data consultants for European multinational companies. After receiving a consistent demand for highly skilled Data Professionals from our clients in the Netherlands, we wanted to create a platform that could upskill young Nigerians interested in the data space and match them with these foreign clients to deliver data solutions and solve data problems.

This was why we started the Data2Bots Talent Pipeline. However, we discovered a problem; this was too time-consuming, and the demand for data consultants increased in large volumes, but there weren’t enough skilled talents to meet this demand. To help more people and give this opportunity to more people, we created the Data2Bots Academy.

The Data2Bots Academy is a learning platform where people are trained to learn and grow as data professionals. The idea behind the Academy isn’t to just teach data skills and leave the students to figure out the next steps in their career alone like they would with other EdTech platforms. Our mission in Data2Bots Academy is to train you as a data specialist, take you from zero to hero, and advance you along the Talent Pipeline.

As a Talent, you will be paid and get experience to help you progress and accelerate your data career.

How Does the Data2Bots Academy Training Work?

Our training comes in stages, ranging from the beginner to the advanced stage. Our main goal is to help you become a global on-demand data expert. The program has three modules: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each module lasts three months and concludes with a certification from the Academy.

  • Beginners learn the introduction to programming with courses on Python development and SQL and get familiar.
  • Intermediates will learn more about Data Processing and Data Flows (Open Source Systems) and the introduction to the data fields they have chosen.
  • Students at the advanced level will learn about cloud computing infrastructures, including AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Students take their classes virtually, in real-time. We also provide one-on-one mentoring from our experts using platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet.

What To Expect From Our Data Engineering Program

With Data2Bots, you can study data engineering from scratch and gain expertise without prior knowledge. Our curriculum is full of real-life projects and themes that would stimulate, motivate, and educate you because our mission is to train people (both inexperienced and with experience) to become data professionals.

We advise students to give their classes their complete attention. Students will have access to various recreational and curricular activities once the cohort is in session to keep them engaged and active. Students should expect to challenge themselves. Most projects will focus on real-life scenarios and use data tools to solve those problems.

By the end of the academic session, they’llThey’ll become equipped and skilled with foundational knowledge and experience in their specified data field.

The Data2Bots Academy Benefits

Data2Bots Academy offers you a wide range of opportunities that you won’t get anywhere else, namely:

  • Joining the Talent Pipeline, which is a paid work opportunity;
  • Getting an Internship Opportunity;
  • Get matched with one of our multinational clients in Europe. This happens when you have successfully completed all modules of any of our career paths within the Academy, and your skills are proven to be top-notch.

Data2Bots Academy won’t just teach you a skill but rather train you in a particular career path of your choosing. Our ultimate goal is to transition you either into a new job you didn’t have or hire you into Data2Bots. We provide you with the proper guidance, mentorship, and exposure to the right tools and hands-on projects you need to succeed and thrive in your chosen career path.

Additionally, you get the following:

  • Expert Instructors: We are thoroughly equipped with instructors who are experts and professionals in the chosen Data specific fields.
  • Live and recorded Courses: Courses are live and recorded that enable our students to enjoy a deep mentorship with many industry experts are live and recorded. Our Academy guarantees students a high experience with every technical skill they develop.
  • Real-life Data Simulations: We make sure that every student is challenged with real-life simulations so that they can break out and think beyond.
  • Learning Community: Our students will not only be able to work with their colleagues and instructors and have the opportunity to network and connect.


The Data2Bots Academy equips students with insightful and actionable skills to become professionals in various data fields. The Academy offers an intense learning experience where students learn the skills they need to flourish in the world of data from industry experts. You have your learning goals, and our courses will help you achieve them.

Now that you’ve been enlightened on who we are and what we offer as a prestigious data academy. We hope you now have a firm understanding of all our Academy has to offer. Join the Data2Bots Academy and get started on your data engineering career!

Everything About the Data2Bots Academy

Ezeja Jennifer

Everything About the Data2Bots Academy

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